Animated Drink Graphics

These animated drink menu graphics are some of my favorite projects to work on. It’s a fun challenge to create an animation that really illustrates the drink, still fits the client’s branding, and stays within a reasonable file size so it can be used across email and social media marketing!

The first is the Blue Milk drink, a limited-time drink, for May the 4th. This drink had to really feel like a Star Wars drink, so I utilized a font that looked like it was from the movie and just knew I had to bring in a lightsaber! I thought it would be super fun if it made the drink rotate in space. This was a challenge since I only had a photo of the drink from the front, but with a little photoshop, I was able to make it happen!

The second is the Island Escape Latte, meant to taste like a summer vacation in the tropics. The initial frames feature ingredients of each flavor profile in the latte. It ends with polaroids of the drink over a relaxing beach scene, because what’s a vacation if you don’t take photos?