Cask’d Coffee


Create a website that embodies the brand. Cask’d is a line of artisanal coffees that marry exceptional coffee beans with highly rated wine, whiskey, or rum. Just like the roasts marry alcohol and coffee, the goal for the website was to marry the rich prohibition look with a modern touch while featuring the product’s front and center.


Bringing art deco-inspired elements into the design helped to give it a vintage feel and paired nicely with their existing logo. Rich, warm colors were introduced to reflect the warmth and richness of their coffee.

Web Development

This website, although a singular coffee brand, is a sub-brand to a larger coffee company. It was really important to the client that this site really showcased their products, despite the fact that this functions mainly as a landing page for the brand. This means that when someone wants to purchase the coffee, it leads back to the main brand’s website.

This lead to a consistent display of all their coffees at the top of each page and all other content was kept minimal to reduce scrolling so the most important content is the main focus.