About Me

Hi, I’m Rachel, and welcome to my website!

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, picked up the menu, and turned to your companion and said “wow, look at this menu!”—or maybe on road trips, you look at billboards and think about all the things you could improve upon. This is exactly what I do, and sometimes, it drives my friends crazy! I put my heart into my designs and I am very passionate about what I do.

I am a Graphic and Web Designer who has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for the last 6 years. I’m skilled in graphic design, responsive web design, print design, and motion graphics, as well as email, social, and digital marketing. I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Northern Illinois University. I also have a traditional art background, with many drawing and painting courses under my belt, so I love creating design elements by hand.

I began working with Healing Hands Medical Mission, a not-for-profit organization, right when I started my degree. While I might not have had all of the skills necessary to be a graphic designer when I began, but I sure learned a lot through trial and error. Today, my role with Healing Hands has expanded to supervising the development of our website, content creation for social media and email marketing, a little bit of photography, designing all of their print materials, and making marketing recommendations to help grow our donor base.

My desire to constantly improve my technique and learn new skills help make my work stand apart from the competition. Over the last year, I have taught myself how to use Photoshop and AfterEffects to create motion graphics and received my certifications in Google Ads.

Let’s work together!

Rachel Baumgartner